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Company overview

SIENNA ECAD is a Total Solution Provider to the Electronics Industry with capabilities from System definition to Manufacturing.

Sienna Corporation is an Electronics Manufacturing Services provider based in USA with facilities in Atlanta, Fremont, Chicago and Connecticut. Other SIENNA Group companies are Avalon Technologies based in India, an Electronic Manufacturing Services company and AVATAR, an aerospace parts manufacturer. Ele-Sienna is a joint venture company of Sienna Corporation and Elemaster, Italy providing complimentary EMS support to customers in U.S and Europe.

SIENNA ECAD's PCB Engineering team works with clients across the globe addressing solutions for highly complex PCB design solutions meeting IPC specifications. PCB Engineering solutions include High Speed PCB Design, SI Analysis (Time Domain and Frequency Domain analysis), EMI/EMC and Reliability Analysis. World's leading companies have used our services over the last several years building state-of-the art PCB design technology solutions. The company has State of the Art CAE software tools to cater to ever growing demands in the Electronic Design Automation field.

SIENNA ECAD's system engineering team support customers globally in the area of power electronics and communications, to provide sustaining engineering support through the product cycle time. The team also provides engineering support for cost reduction, End of life, Re-engineering firmware support. Both the PCB engineering and System engineering teams work with world class SIENNA EMS facilities worldwide to provide best in class price-performance solutions.

During the last fifteen years of operations, the company's PROCESS FLOW, TECHNOLOGY UPGRADATION and MANPOWER SKILLSET has ensured customer satisfaction resulting in long term win-win business partnerships.