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Prime Motto of any Engineer is “First Time Right Design”. This requires engineer’s attention to each and every minute areas of design from Spec Analysis to release of design for production. PCB design for Assembly (DFA) analysis is crucial for any PCB design. This will shrink all you proto design phase and drastically minimize your project expenses and assures you a direct drive from proto to production from PCB assembly point of view. Failure to analyze the DFA related issues can add to product debugging costs. DFA Analysis allows as engineer to concentrate on concept validation rather than spending his time on other issues.

DFA Analysis helps you to resolve manufacturability issues, increases reliability, reduces rework cost and most importantly helps you to meet “TIME TO MARKET” motto. Remember that fixing an error at the later stage is always 10 times costlier than fixing it during the earlier design stage.

Over all DFA analysis helps you in
  • Launching the product quickly
  • Reduce the cost of the Product
  • Increase the quality of the product
  • Reduce your development budgets
Sienna ECAD has experienced DFA analysis team who works very closely with customer and assembly house and make sure proto or production phase of the board assembly is smooth and error free.